Discovering the exhilarating, limitless, unpredictable, overflowing life of God’s more.

My friend, Choco De Jesús (Pastor Choco), has written a new book and I am glad to feature snippets of it today on The Exchange. Choco is senior pastor of New Life Covenant Church, one of the fastest growing churches in Chicago. Consider ordering your copy of Move into More: The Limitless Surprises of a Faithful God today.

1.“Our culture has once again awakened to the fact that accumulating material stuff isn’t the answer. We’re not only realizing how too much clogs up our lives; we’re also recognizing an absence of joy, peace, and satisfaction” (p. 16).

2.“Every time I encountered a new position of influence or season of elevation, I always assumed that this was the promise at last. But as I leaned into what God gave me and followed his guidance, I always found myself taking another leap of faith, another giant stride toward something I would never have dreamed, let alone attempted, on my own” (p. 20).

3.“I became more than I ever dreamed because I discovered the exhilarating, limitless, unpredictable, overflowing life of God’s more. And I’m not the only one with privileged access to his abundance. Once we accept Jesus into our hearts, we all become status inconsistencies” (p. 26).

4.“Your faith must run deep throughout the soil of your life if you want to cultivate a belief that will not wither” (p. 28).

5.“Our faithful obedience to God’s Word and to the leading and prompting of the Holy Spirit conditions us for more. As we grow stronger, we begin swimming in the infinite ocean of God’s more. We make our way upstream only to discover a larger lake ahead of us. Our obedience in small things conditions us and prepares us for …

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