Evangelism is not just convincing people the gospel is true but also that it is better.

  1. Christians who shine the light of the gospel on the myths of our world do not simply say, “This is right and this is wrong,” but “This is better.” The gospel tells a better story. Yes, the gospel exposes the lies we believe and promote in society, but once our eyes adjust to its brightness, we discover how the gospel also answers our deeper longings in ways that surprise us. Evangelism is not just convincing people the gospel is true but also that it is better. (12)
  2. It’s not what you’re looking at on your phone but that you’re always looking at your phone. It’s not what you might access on your phone that is most influential; it’s what your phone accesses in you. It’s not enough to ask, “What am I doing on my phone?” Instead, we’ve got to ask, “What is my phone doing to me?” The primary myth the smartphone tells you every day is that you are the center of the universe. If your phone is your world, and if the settings and apps are tailored to you and your interests, then with you at all times is a world that revolves around you. (20)
  3. The church can bring you into contact with people who wouldn’t make it into your tailored news feed. A good church will cultivate relationships that are solid enough for people to say, “I love you, and you’re wrong.” If your church isn’t like that, then work at making your congregation a place where we break free from our prisons of online coddling so we can learn truer and deeper ways of love and grace. (40)
  4. Faithfulness in a world of entertainment doesn’t start with the desire to be better interpreters of the world’s stories; it starts with the desire to better know God’s story. . . . Unless you inhabit the strange world of the Bible, with God’s Word on your lips and his stories planted in your heart, you will not be faithful in a world of entertainment. Faithfully engaging the world’s entertainment doesn’t start with cinema but with Scripture. (62)

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