Supreme Court rules 7-2 in favor of Jack Philips, doing the right thing.

Today, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Jack Phillips and the Masterpiece Cake Shop.

In doing so, the Supreme Court set an important line where Christians can and will choose to dissent from the growing acceptance of same-sex marriage in society.

Jack Phillips is a Colorado baker who refused to make a custom wedding cake for a gay couple because of his Christian faith. Phillips does not design cakes for any events that conflict with his Christian values or beliefs, which he believes he has the right to do according to the First Amendment. However, he offers any baked goods or premade cakes to those he declines to make a custom cake for.

The fact of the matter is that Christians and members of other religions are now holding a minority view. Along with that minority view comes the challenge of how those Christians relate to a broader culture that actually sees same-sex marriage in a different light than they do.

Christians see same-sex marriage as a scriptural issue and their opposition to it is rooted in the Bible. However, the broader society sees same-sex marriage as a justice issue. Christians discriminating against LGBT persons by not participating in their wedding, for example, is an unjust act similar to when laws prevented whites and blacks from marrying.

Thus, for most people, these are examples of Christians discriminating on the basis of immutable characteristics similar to race. One woman put it this way: “Why would I purchase from Masterpiece, which has decided to inflict its personal beliefs on the public it relies on?” (Leslie Levy in a letter to the Denver Post, emphasis mine).

Today, the Supreme Court ruled that people who dissent from the now majority public view would not be required to participate …

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