Our current and future circumstances don’t negate God’s power, plan, or promises.

Ed: A lot of believers feel like everything is changing, often for the worst. Why do you think there is so much fear?

Caleb: We’re usually afraid of circumstances and people that we don’t understand or cause us feel out of control. Fear launches us into uncertainty and forces the acknowledgement of our limits as humans. For instance, despite our valiant efforts to reverse societal trends, many of us may not know why the ethics and moral compass of our society are drifting away from Judeo-Christian values.

Reacting with fear allows us to stabilize our fearful emotions in sinful ways. People pleasing, bashing society, throwing out truth, micromanaging, legalism, and isolating ourselves from others are just a few of our destructive solutions that hurts others and brings more fear. Loving God and focusing on him is a much better response.

Ed: You emphasize in your book God of Tomorrow that although our society is rapidly changing, God never changes. What are the implications for our faith of an unchanging God in this frenetic world?

Caleb: Society’s trends, people’s opinions, and the severity of injustices are always changing. However, our current and future circumstances don’t negate God’s power, plan, or promises. Revelation 20-22 promises God’s justice and fulfillment of his redemptive plan.

Unlike everything else in life, God never changes and is completely trustworthy. If he is good, unchanging, and has our back, then we can trust him, love others, and be courageous. Cultural tragedy and everyday life will punch us in the gut again, but our expectant hope is that our unchanging God will guide us and work all things out to His glory. Such hope transcends today’s trials and points …

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