A Christian mommy blogger was suspended from Facebook last week after labeling transgenderism a “mental illness” and criticizing parents who wanted to change the names of their children.
Elizabeth Johnston, best known as the Activist Mommy, had posted on her Facebook page a LifeSiteNews story with the headline, “Parents of trans teens sue Ohio judge for refusing to approve gender-confused name changes.”
Above the Aug. 9 post she commented: “This is what bullying looks like in 2018. ‘Normalize our mental illness or we will sue you!’ Small minds must use these tactics. Pathetic!” She then added the hashtag “#GenderInsanity.”
But less than two weeks later, she received a notice from Facebook saying she was suspended from Facebook from seven days and could not post or comment during that time. It also said she previously had posted something “that didn’t follow” Facebook’s standards. The seven-day suspension began Aug. 24.
Johnson still was able to speak out on her Activist Mommy website.
“The left, headed by the big tech giants who are so successful at curating speech, will do whatever it takes to snuff out opposing narratives…particularly those that speak the plain, simple truth,” she wrote. “No one is advocating for hatred towards any other group of people. Regardless of how you may feel about what gender dysphoria really is, it is far from hateful to simply state a fact.”
Johnson added, “But it is with the label of ‘hate speech’ that the progressive left is waging war on the open exchange of ideas and the people they deem most dangerous to their radical agenda to fundamentally change the culture past the point of recognition as anything moral, virtuous, intelligent…and most of all, free.”
Michael Foust
Photo courtesy: Unsplash/Tristan Billet