“Launch out into the deep.” Luke 5:4

Here is a message to my heart. The Lord bids me “launch out into the deep.” There is too much shallow fishing these days. He calls for deepwater fishing. It is true that deepwater fishing requires far more effort, skill, resource, and courage. And because of this, the Devil would gladly discourage me. But the Lord says, “Do not be afraid. From now on you will catch men” (Luke 5:10).

In essence, my Savior is saying to me, “Fear not about the extra effort. My strength is sufficient for you. Fear not about the needed skill. Have I not promised to make you a fisher of men? Fear not about resources; I am able to supply all your need. Fear not, take courage, for though you might begin to sink, My hand will be outstretched to save; though the Storm should violently blow, I shall still it; though the angry waves beat into the ship, fear not. I shall speak peace to them and there shall be a calm. But launch out!”

I shall launch out, Lord, knowing that You are sufficient to supply and strong to save!

According to Your Word