“It was never seen like this.”  Matthew 9:33

What a difference the presence and power of the Lord Jesus makes! This chapter, in itself, contains a remarkable record of Christ’s miraculous power:

He cured one sick of the palsy.
He cured the bloody issue.
He raised Jairus’ daughter.
He gave sight to the two blind men.
He cast the Devil out of the dumb man.

This amazing demonstration of power called forth, from the marveling multitudes, the very true statement and testimony: “It was never seen like this.” And yet, there is no limit to the power of the Lord Jesus. It is beyond man’s finite comprehension. What He did in each of these five cases recorded here, He can do in the life of any man. In fact, to use the words of another, “It is yet to be seen what God can do with the man… wholly surrendered to Him.”

What joy the promise of my Savior:
“You will see greater things than these” (John 1:50).

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