Jesus’ reminds us of what to do while we wait for his return:

(1) We are not to be misled by confusing claims or speculative interpretations of what will happen.

(2) We should not be afraid to tell people about Christ, despite what they might say or do to us.

(3) We must stand firm by faith and not be surprised by persecutions.

(4) We must be morally alert, obedient to the commands for living found in God’s Word.

Jesus didn’t want to promote discussions on prophetic timetables. We’re not supposed to “figure out” when he’s coming back.

Instead, it is good that we don’t know exactly when Christ will return. If we knew the precise date, we might be tempted to be lazy in our work for Christ. Worse yet, we might plan to keep sinning and then turn to God right at the end. Heaven is not our only goal; we have work to do here. And we must keep on doing it until death or until we see the unmistakable return of our Savior.

One Year with Jesus