Loving as Christ Loved

Love is more than simply warm feelings; it is an attitude that reveals itself in action. To love others was not a new commandment (see Leviticus 19:18), but to love others as much as Christ loved others was revolutionary. Now we are to love others based on Jesus’ sacrificial love for us. Such love will not only bring unbelievers to Christ; it will also keep believers strong and united in a world hostile to God.

Jesus was a living example of God’s love as we are to be living examples of Jesus’ love. How can we love others as Jesus loves us? By helping when it’s not convenient, by giving when it hurts, by devoting energy to others’ welfare rather than our own, by absorbing hurts from others without complaining or fighting back. This kind of loving is difficult to do. That is why people notice when you do it and know you are empowered by more than yourself.

Ask God to use you in such a way this afternoon or evening.

One Year with Jesus