Yesterday we celebrated the Word of God who created all things, and who became flesh and lived among us. Today, we join all creation in praising the Creator. It is all too easy to get caught up in the humanity of Jesus to the exclusion of his divinity.

It’s important to remember that Jesus experienced life as we do. Without the humanity of Christ, we would never be able to follow him as an example of the best way to be human. But it is also important to remember that in Christ we see the best reflection of God as well.

Anytime our view of God contradicts the character of Jesus, we have misunderstood God’s nature. As we look at Jesus, we are seeing what God, the Creator of the universe, is like. And when we allow Jesus to reveal God’s nature to us, we can only respond in thanksgiving and praise – along with all creation.

God brings all things into being. God makes God’s people strong and honors God’s faithful ones. It’s like all of creation is joined in this amazing, wondrous, dance of life and celebration, as we, together, enjoy the life and grace and strength of God. What a pity that we have allowed ourselves to feel so separate from creation – and from our Creator. What specific characteristic of God do you see revealed in Jesus, and in creation, that you would like to give thanks for today?

Spiritual Practice for Tomorrow: When we read a Psalm like this we can’t help but realize that our entire lives are a gift. Even though we struggle and suffer, we also know joy, friendship, life, and love. And we also have this amazing earth as our home.

Just now, take time to reflect on God’s gift of life and of God’s Self to you, and give thanks.

Prayer for Tonight: For your gift of life, and of yourself, I give you thanks, O God.