How blessed are those whose way is blameless, who walk in the law of the Lord.  Psalm 119:1

This longest Psalm of 176 verses, and the longest chapter in the Bible, is an amazing literary expression. It is written as an acrostic with twenty-two stanzas that alphabetically follow the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet. While it is the inspired Word of God, the text is about the Word of God with almost every verse making reference to it.

What is it that determines our life values and priorities? Are there foundational convictions that guide all our decisions and determine our behavior so that our direction and purpose in life is established? God has given us His precepts and laws. He has borne witness to His testimonies of the way that is right that we are to follow. We have assurance that we can walk according to His will and avoid unrighteousness if we intentionally decide to accept His precepts and diligently follow them. Once that decision is made, it takes care of a lot of future options as we encounter temptations or consider equivocating in our commitment. The result is a life that is blessed, happy, and content. This is because we have chosen four strategic guidelines:

To follow the way of integrity that is blameless.

To walk or live according to the law of the Lord.

To observe God’s testimonies and promises—the record of His faithfulness.

To seek Him with all our heart.

It is wonderful to be able to read God’s commandments and expectations and not be ashamed. We can only worship and praise the Lord if our heart is upright, obedient, and faithful, for He has blessed us in revealing His way to guide us. He will not forsake those who are conscientious about following His statutes.

In the Secret Place