Reading: Psalm 72

Reflection: Can you imagine a king, a president or a prime minister who fulfilled the requirements of their job in the way that this Psalm describes? We are reminded of one example of a king who embodied the spirit of this song. The magi who came to worship Jesus were powerful men, but they willingly humbled themselves and worshipped the child because they knew that they were witnessing something new in the world. This king was, in a way that they could not yet comprehend, completely different from any other that had ever lived.

Even just the fact that his family would welcome shepherds and foreigners with kindness and gratitude set them apart from much of the exclusive dividedness of their world. Then, when Jesus grew and began to proclaim the Reign of God, his message was all about building a world of peace, justice, equality, prosperity and love – just as this Psalm describes it. No king has ever actually created such a world, and no monarch has ever succeeded in leading his or her subjects into such peace. But, as we seek to understand who Jesus was, and what God’s Reign is all about, this Psalm gives us a good picture. But, it’s more than just a helpful way to understand Jesus. It’s also the hope for which we long, pray and work in our own lives. How can you participate in ensuring that the poor are treated fairly, the world is abundantly prosperous for all, and the weak and needy are rescued?

Practice for Today: Simple acts of kindness and generosity go a long way to bringing God’s justice and peace into the world. Today, try to treat everyone you meet with kindness, forgiveness and generosity. Notice the difference it makes to you and to them.

Prayer for Today: As I dream of a world of peace and justice, O God, may my life reflect that dream today.