Reading: Psalm 36:5-10

Reflection: At the wedding in Cana (which is the main reading for tomorrow), John’s Gospel tells us that Jesus revealed God’s glory. This means that, in this act, Jesus showed us what God is like. The picture of God that we see in Jesus is much like the picture we see in this Psalm. God’s love is unfailing, and God’s faithfulness is unshakeable. But, notice that God’s love and faithfulness are given not just to some people, but to “all humanity”, and not even just to humans but also to animals – essentially to the whole of creation. God is a God of extravagant, all-embracing love, and God’s commitment to the created universe is complete and whole-hearted.

Furthermore, God becomes for us the light by which we see, according to verse 9. This means that, as we recognize and open ourselves to God’s unfailing love, we begin to see God, ourselves, others, and the world through the eyes of God’s love. Of course, this changes everything for us and fills our lives with grace, compassion, openness, and a willingness to connect and serve each other. That’s why the final prayer in verse 10 is for God to give justice to those with honest hearts. This is both the gift of receiving justice, and the gift of living justly for the sake of others.

Today, meditate on God’s unfailing love, and allow it to change how you see and how you live.

Practice for Today: The practice of praise, as in this Psalm, opens our hearts and minds to perceive the nature of God more clearly. When we praise God, we cannot help but recognize how amazingly loving and faithful God is. Why not fill your day with praise today?

Prayer for Today: God of unfailing love and limitless faithfulness, I praise and celebrate you.