Reading: Psalm 119:89-96

Reflection: It’s impossible to speak about human purpose without also considering God’s instructions. The whole of Psalm 119 is a celebration of God’s law, and in the section we read today, the reason becomes clear. God’s commands are true. They sustain God’s people in joy. They give God’s people life, and they connect us with God’s faithful love.

There are many things we can choose as the focus for our lives, but not all of them can claim to give us such goodness and meaning. It makes sense, though, that if God created us, God should offer us guidelines for how to live the life God designed for us. It’s tempting to think of the law as something restrictive and oppressive – and if we make the law an idol it can be. But, in this Psalm we see another way to experience the law – as a liberating, life-giving source of wisdom, guidance, and strength.

And as we follow God’s direction, we discover the lives we are created for, and our days are filled with purpose and fulfilment. Notice that following the law doesn’t protect the Psalmist from suffering. There are still people who seek to do harm, and there are still times of pain and struggle. But, God’s instructions show us how to navigate even the darkest times. How can you allow God’s law to guide your life today?

Practice for Today: Like the law, the Bible, which contains God’s law, can become an idol. But, if we allow the Scriptures to lead us to Jesus, and to show us how to follow Jesus, they can become a source of purpose, meaning and life. Today, spend time with the Bible, and allow it to guide your thoughts, words and actions.

Prayer for Today: I choose to keep my mind on your law, O God, for in it I find meaning and life.