To that you were called, because Christ suffered on your behalf, and thereby left you an example; it is for you to follow in his steps  (1 Peter 2:21, NEB).

In today’s portrait of Jesus, we see Him as the great example. He is the example par excellence. Christ is to be embraced as Savior, worshiped as Lord, and emulated as our example.

The apostle Peter, who knew Christ personally and admired Him profoundly, portrays Him as our universal example. He then urges Christians to follow closely in His steps. The word translated “example” is hupogramnos. It describes a perfect pattern of handwriting or penmanship from which a perfect copy may be traced by the student.

Peter presents Jesus as the perfect, unfailing pattern for all Christians to copy. By His enabling grace, we can constantly and consistently model our great example. As the student painstakingly traces the penmanship of the master penman until he masters it, so may we copy our great example. John admonishes Christians “to walk just as He walked” (1 John 2:6, NKJV). By beholding Christ, we are progressively changed into His likeness. Copying our great example should be the passion of every follower of Christ.

It is our privilege to model our great example in forgiveness, selfless service, compassion, self-denial, and love. “Christ’s life is the pattern for us all. His example of self-denial, self-sacrifice, and disinterested benevolence is for us to follow. His entire life is an infinite demonstration of His great love.”–Testimonies for the Church, vol. 3, p. 248.

My Prayer Today: Lord, By Your grace, I will emulate You as my great example. Amen.

Life in Christ

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