Reading: Psalm 27

Reflection: The Gospel tells of how Herod wanted to kill Jesus. Some Pharisees tried to warn him, but Jesus, knowing his purpose, insisted on going to Jerusalem anyway, even though he knew it would mean his death.

In today’s Psalm, the writer (which the heading identifies as David) experiences a similar situation. Enemies are persecuting him and accusing him of wrongs that he has not done. Yet, in spite of his suffering, the Psalmist seeks refuge in God’s presence, and in the assurance that, no matter what happens, God will never abandon him.

One of the big and difficult questions we must face as people of faith is the extent to which our faith offers us protection from life’s struggles. Some preachers make it seem like, if we just have enough faith, we should never experience any pain of any kind. But this was not what Jesus preached and experienced. Nor was it the case with any of the prophets or apostles. Yet, all of these great examples of faith trusted in God’s grace and protection even in the midst of their suffering. Somehow they knew, like David, that even in the darkest times, God was still present and working. 

Suffering is a great challenge to faith, and it has caused more than one Christ-follower to give up. But, if we can learn to find a refuge in God’s presence, even the toughest times are filled with grace, growth, and even joy. How can you hide in God’s presence today?

Practice for Today: Notice how, even in the midst of his trials, the Psalmist continues to express his praise of, and trust in, God. Notice also how aware he is of God’s availability. This is what praise can do. Today, whenever you find yourself struggling, allow praise to remind you of God’s presence.

Prayer for Today: Even in the darkest times, O God, I praise you, for you never leave me.

Communion with Christ

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