People can blog for many reasons. Some do so as an extension of their ministry. Others may have a more personal agenda from fame to influence. Some even do so to monetize their work.
This blog is more of discipline. I curate, edit and pen articles that help me in my personal spiritual journey. With over fifty years of ministry, I find those disciplines valuable for both spiritual growth and my accountability.
Those disciplines find their expression in five areas of faith that drive my life and so shape the postings I include.
Foremost are my conversations with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. They begin the day with a word of praise and end the day with thanksgiving.
Knowing that our enemy stalks us like a lion seeking to destroy us, I look to those events and people that might indicate his presence or deceit. Learning to discern the truth is vital to any spiritual walk.
An extension of that preparedness is being ready to give an answer to the questions that may be asked of my faith. I find it extremely valuable to have at least a working knowledge of the issues facing the Christian faith and the wisdom to give a reasonable response.
That preparedness and ability to give an answer is forged in the study and revelation of God’s Living Word. All exposition of His scriptures shed light on all these disciplines and takes me farther in my knowledge of Him.

I invite you to follow this blog in the spiritual disciplines of prayers, communion with the Father, scriptural study of the life of Christ, attention to the greater body of the Church and it’s impact on the culture of this world.

I am humbled and grateful for all who might find value in my postings and hope that they will provide them the same strength to walk by faith and not just sight.

Michael Hogg